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 I’m Saba,  I put the Saba in SabaBlacksheep

 I’m a Vietnamese born Australian.  My family was part of the wave of refugees that immigrated to Australia in the early 80’s.  Australia is my home, it defines me and has shaped me into the person I am today. I can’t speak Vietnamese very well, nor can I read or write in Vietnamese. But I do love to cook up a Vietnamese storm.  Through my cooking is how I stay in touch with my Vietnamese heritage and express my love of Australia. So come on a journey with me and my side kick Shorty Kun as I amalgamate my two cultures and create some stunning food along the way.   I’m not a chef, but my life revolves around the creation of food. I’m not photographer so you won’t find any fancy photos or camera tricks here. And I’m definitely not a writer. I’m just an everyday guy, with an everyday job, who just loves to cook, and you  guessed it.  Every day!! So I don’t know it all,  I’m bound to make some mistakes along the way. Food is my passion and I love culture, so naturally this blog is an extension of that love and passion.  It’s my personal food diary. A place where I share my triumphs, failure, joys and creations, as I weave my way through my culinary adventure. I have no reservation, no pre judgments, and all food is on the table.  There is no right way or wrong way to do thing here, its  just the way I do it.  I’m happy to share it with you, so come and join me for dinner.


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  1. Trevor Merivale Reply

    Not a chef, photographer or writer, yet still very professionally laid out… keep up the awesome work cant wait to see more… i loved your you tube video as well… time lapse was great as you can see everything without wasting time

    • Why thank you so much for the kind words. I hope you will keep visiting and enjoy the content

  2. Megan Reply

    Great YouTube Videos and website layout and great time lapse on the videos keep up the amazing work 🙂

    • Thank you so much Megan, I’ll be sure to keep pushing out the content 🙂