Game Day Prawn Platter

I’m a big fan of sports, more so watching then playing it hihi. Of late I’ve been spoiled for choice. World Cup soccer, Wimbledon tennis, golf, football, motorsports. You name it and I’ll watch it. So in today’s post I thought I would show you 3 really simple game day snacks you can prepare in next to no time and with very few ingredients. So the star of these 3 game day snacks will be fresh prawns and a can of Maesri curry paste. No we are not making a prawn curry and Yes, you don’t just have to make a curry from a curry paste.


Game Day Prawn Platter


Dish 1. Prawn Spring Rolls and Curry Sauce

Dish 2. Butterflied Prawns

Dish 3. Crispy Prawn Balls

If you want the full recipe of my game day prawn platter  head over to to find my blog post and video.




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  1. Dan Reply

    Awesome I’ll have to head over and have a look Saba