Love Heart Shaped Spring Onion Garnish


Love heart shaped spring onion garnish.

Having a beautiful garnish can lift the look of your dish from simple to down right mouth watering. I find using simple little tricks and changing the shapes of a garnish you already use can really make the food on the plate pop. Just like this love heart shaped spring onion. I love this garnish, its so easy to make and adds such an impact to the plate. You will find that you will start to use them  quite often.  I grow my spring onion at home, sometimes I can’t keep up with eating it all and some of these will grow really big and fat. These ones are perfect for this use. Its so much easier to work with these larger ones. All you need is a sharp knife and a chopping board.

Lets make some love hey?



1. Spring onions  (Green Part Only )
Also the bigger the spring onion the easier this will be.


First off wash and dry your spring onions.

Start by laying your spring onion horizontally across your chopping board.

Fold the spring onion in half long wise.

Holding your knife at a 45 degree angle then begin to slice the spring onion at 2mm thick intervals.

There it is peoples Love heart shaped Spring Onion Garnish



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  1. Helen Reply

    Too easy!! Thanks for the great tip.

    • They don’t get much easier then this Helen, hope you use them in the future 🙂