Pork Chop on Broken Rice with a Sunny Side Up Egg!


The Story of Pork Chop on Broken Rice with a Sunny Side Up Egg!


You know I’ve been told that every dish has a story to tell.

Here is the story of my dish and I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Did you ever hear the tail about the pig and the chicken?


Ok, I’ll tell it to you.

A chicken crossed the road and walk over to a  rice field.

He didn’t notice it straight away.

But there was a pig resting in the field.

The chicken laughed at the pig and said to him “your so fat piggy”.

Unbeknownst to the chicken. This was no ordinary pig.


So the pig gave the chicken the biggest pork chop ever!

It was so hard the ground shook and all the rice broke.

And the chicken ended up laying a sunny side up egg.

That’s my stupid story and this is my dish. Pork chop on broken rice with a sunny side up egg!

By the way I’ll show you how I cooked this dish in a later post

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  1. Trevor Reply

    Gotta love the karate pig story but more importantly give us your recipe!!! Great pics by the way and keep up the good work

    • The recipe will be coming soon my friend

    • Thanks, I’ll have to post a recipe one of these days for sure!