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In todays post I’m not really focusing on the food. What I hear you say. That’s right. I said it. I’m not focusing on the food. I’m going to focus on the BBQ I cooked it on. For thoese who know or follow me. You know that I have a love of grilling meat over charcoal. I’m not sure if its the sizzling sound from when the fat drips onto the coals, or the inviting smells that come wofting off. who knows.  Ok this post has nothing to do with that.  I’ll fess up, I just wanted to show off my BBQ’s  😊

Isn’t he just the coolest looking barbecue you have ever seen. I named him Kevin. Now let me tell you the story of how Kevin the piggy-q  came to be.

I know old mate through work and he turns junk metal into all sorts of thing. He has a very vivid imagination and you would be stunned at what he can come up with.

He doesn’t work on Thursdays, so every Wednesday night he spends it is his shed. He has a few beers and works away at making these metal master pieces, yes it ‘s very Australian for a bloke to be in his shed having a few beers and just tinkering away at things.

So anyway, every Wednesday is his Shed Night. But I tell you a bit more about that later.

Take for example this awesome titanium rose, what a work of art right. I though it just looked perfect next to my rose dumplings 😊😊😊

So we where having a chat one day in my office and he showed me a picture of some of the roses he had made, and I thought they where just bloody awesome! So I asked him if he thought he could make a bbq out of an old beer keg. I always wanted a BBQ of that shape. Not sure why, I’m strange like that.  As conversation went on, the keg became a LPG gas bottle, then I suggested a pig. Its funny how a simple conversation of  rose turned into a challenge to make me a custom made pig bbq.

So the challenge was accepted and the mission to makes Saba’s piggy-q was on.

So a little bit of time had lappst and I hadn’t heard much about the BBQ until I got a text with this photo attached.

This was the beginnings of what would come to be my piggy-q

So I replied to the text and said “please don’t blow yourself up”

So about two weeks later old mate had finished my prototype pig bbq.

He named it Saba-pig model one. But I named it Kevin, cause that’s old mates name and I thought it was just fitting.

I only had one task to do first before I could use it.

I had to get the approval from the furry four legged guy, to see if he would approve of it being in the house.

So first there was a bit of a stare down!

Then there was a bit of sniffing!

But in the end he gave it the all clear!!

Same thing happen when the old black sheep came home too.

Other then Shorty Kun, everyone who had seen the little bbq was so impressed by it. People where saying they wanted one too. But old mate Kevin only really wants to do this as a hobby. But I said to him with your skills you should make a business out of it. But he was content to just keep it as a hobby. I said well you should just come up with a business name just incase one day you might need it. And I had just the name for him.


Don’t you just think its the perfect name for something that one day that might be.


Some time has passed now since the shed knight made my Kevin (Saba-pig model one)

So he’s made some tweaks and the humble model one now looks like this

Just awesome don’t you think?

But I had something else in mind for this pink piggy.

And it might have involved my other love. Beer!!

Check it out in my video.



You didn’t think I was going to do a post with no food or cooking at all did you.

If you want to have a crack at cooking these chops yourself, you can use this recipe click here from a pervious post to marinate them.

You can enjoy these pork chops in so may ways.

Here are a few suggestions


Classic Vietnamese Broken Rice with Pork Chop

Egg noodle with Pork Chop and Sunny Side Up Egg


There you go peoples my pork chops cooked on my custom made piggy-q

If you would like to see more of the shed knights creation you can find him on Instagram shedknight





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  1. Helen Reply

    Top job Saba and Shed Knight.