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WOW its been a few months now since my last Saba Eats post.  Sorry guys, I’ve been super busy traveling and eating. I know, tuff isn’t?

The life of a blogger!!

My most recent travels have landed me in Malaysia.  I started my travels in Johor Bahru, which is the border town to Singapore. After eating my way through Johor Bahru I made my way to a township named Yong Peng. From there it was a short drive to the old town of Malacca city. Malacca city will be the focus of todays post.  I also traveled up the mountains to Genting Highlands and finished off in of course the mega city known as Kuala Lumpur. I will write a post about them in the near future.

Malacca City!

Malacca also spelt Melaka is the oldest city in Malaysia. Although it has influences from various cultures from the middle east to India, to south east Asia. Turn a corner and one could be mistaken to believe they where in Europe and then turn another corner and believe they where in China.

Melaka River

However I would dare say its main influence is Chinese.  The early Chinese settler to Malaysia are know as Peranakan, but are generally referred to as Baba Nyonya.  Nyonya refers to the women and Baba the men. Malacca is famous for it Nyonya cuisine hence why I landed here. But there is also a few other thing Malacca is famous for, and this is one of them.

Satay Celup

Satay Celup directly translates to Dunking Satay. It is named so cause you dunk your assortment of skewered seafood, meats and vegetables into a satay hotpot.  Its a local favourite and the places that serve satay celup are always busy. From the day I heard about satay celup I knew I would have to come here and try it.

I arrived to Malacca in the afternoon, checked in, had a freshen up and then headed out in search of this legendary satay celup.

 I was planning to visit the original satay celup store but it was closed on the day I arrived. I end up going to my second choice of store but I was happy none the less. The shop was located in the main street and was modest and unpretentious.

Exactly the way I like it in Asia!

Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang

The store is open plan with a tiled floor and plenty of seating (plastic chairs) and some table and chairs also set up outside.


It was a very hot day, but lucky it rained (a hell of a lot) before dinner and it was so much cooler then the day time.

Calm before the storm


This worked out well as it was still pretty hot inside the shop. There was no air-conditioning just a lot of fans. We got a table close to the front of the shop and could feel the breeze from the outside which was much needed.  Each table has the star of the show located dead centre in the middle. That star being satay hotpot. Its a big pot of satay goodness built right into the table and is heated by gas.

The Satay Celup Hot Pot


Its a simple set up, and used portable LPG gas bottle. Although it wouldn’t pass regulations here at home, I like the crudeness of it all and gave me a good laugh to see how it was set up.


Gas bottle connected to table


There was endless skewers to choose from.  From raw to semi cooked seafood. Meats and tones of vegetable options.  There was even an assortment of eggs you could choose from. Century eggs to quail eggs and more. Eggcellent !! All the skewers are kept in display fridges so no need to worry about them sitting out in the heat. You get given a stainless steel tray and make your way over to the fridges and just help yourself to what ever skewers you so desire.  Sort of like a buffet.

Selection of skewers

For round one I choose a mix of fresh seafood, meat , seafood balls, vegetable and some seafood paste stuffed chilies. There would be plenty more rounds to be had.

Now let the dunking begin!



So its pretty straight forward, you dunk your skewers into the hotpot and just move them around every now and then to they are cooked through. The satay broth is so delicious and I also scooped some out to use as a dipping sauce. Sooooo Gooooood!!!

Every now and then a staff member will come and adjust your broth to make sure its always filled and at the right consistency.


Judging by the below photo it will be impossible  to say I didn’t enjoy it. There where skewers I didn’t love but overall I really enjoyed it. The food was delicous, the satay broth was awesome. It was noisy as hell, but that was like music to my ears. The smells where intoxicating. It felt so communal, everyone was talking and having fun amongst each other. It was just an awesome and delicious time.  I also love the way they work out your bill. They will come to your table and count up your skewer sticks, add your drinks and that’s your bill. So simple and it works!

I would most certainly visit this place again if I’m ever in Malacca again.

Now for some strange reason I dare say I will be back!!!

The aftermath of Satay Celup


Make sure you tune in for part 2 of Saba Eats Malacca City as I explore what else this historic city has to offer my stomach!!

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Saba Eats Malacca City!

Satay Celup

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  1. Kev Reply

    Wow, Yum. Thanks Saba, this place is definitely on my list to visit. Can’t wait to see what else you ate on your trip.

    • I’m still full from this meal but as soon as I digest it I’ll be writing the next post. Stay tuned!!