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So anyone who knows little old Saba, knows that  I’m a sucker for a barging. Especially when its food related!  So the other day I went to the supermarket to get me some bread and a few other little bits and pieces. I don’t head out to often these days being that we are in lockdown and what not. My plan was to go in, get what I need and get the duck out of there. Well as all good plans go, I’m guessing you all can tell how this story ends. Turns out I ended up with trolley full of who knows what.

What can you do hey?? 🤷‍♂️

Anywayz as I don’t usually buy prepackaged salads or convenient cut vegetables for a number of reason. Mostly cause they are a rip off. However as I was walking down the aisle to head over to the fresh vegetable section I couldn’t help but noticed a few discounted packages. I have a keen eye for this sort of things. Okay truth be told I’m just a tight ass. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a look. So I did just that. On inspection the vegetables were still fresh and at that price I couldn’t help myself.

Dam it, I got sucked in to the supermarket trap!

The beans and carrots were only forty  cents, yep forty cents. I already had some pork belly in my fridge at home so I had the perfect dish in mind for this little bag of goodies.

I would normally make this dish with a lean cut of pork. However I had the pork belly in the fridge so I used that. My recipe below is for a lean cut, but you do you and decide which one you prefer.

As the pork belly still had the skin on, I removed it along with some of the fat, proceeded to cut it into a small dice and fried it first into crispy little crackling croutons.

This is not part of my usual recipe but might be a feature from now on as it added a great texture and an awesome flavor pops.

Although not the healthiest option I must say.

The shopping list

200 grams thinly sliced Pork
100 grams Green Beans
100 grams Carrots
1 Small Brown Onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 tbls sugar
1 tbls Fish Sauce
1 tbls Cooking oil

Cracked Black Pepper , Spring Onion 
Coriander and Chilli to garnish 

Serve on steamed rice


Lest get a cooking hey?



Step 1.

If using pork belly remove the skin and top layer of fat. Then cut into 1cm pieces

If using skinless lean cut, omit this step.

 Now slice the meat into thin strips.

Step 2.

Thinly slice the onion

Crush or finely dice the garlic

Step 3.

Julienne the carrot

Top and tail the the green beans then cut into thirds.

Step 4.

Cut about two leaves of spring onion into rings

Step 5. 

If using the pork skin, add it to the cold work and turn the heat onto medium. Allow the fat to render out for a few minutes. Once enough fat has rendered out it will start to deep fry the skin.

Step 6.

Once the skin is crispy turn up the heat to high.

If  you are starting with the lean pork, heat the wok on high and add the oil.

Add the pork and stir fry until it is well sealed and no longer pink. About 2.5 minutes

Step 7

Add the sugar and fish sauce

Step 9

Add the onion and garlic and stir fry for about 1 minute.

Step 10

Add the carrots and stir fry for 1 minute.

Step 11

Add the green beans and stir fry for another minute

Step 12

Now add the spring onion and crack in plenty of black pepper.

Continue to stir fry of another minute or two.

Step 12

Turn off the heat and garish with some coriander and chille if you like.

serve over some pipping hot steamed rice. 



That’s it friends, you just made Saba’s Pork with green beans and carrot stir fry.

How easy was that!


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