Surf N Turf Asian Style

Surf N Turf  Asian Style

It’s summer in Australia now and it’s religious here that you fire up the BBQ!!
It’s pretty common for us to chuck a couple of snags on there or a rissole or two.

But that can get a bit boring at times.

There is so much you can cook on a BBQ. In fact if you can cook it in the kitchen you can pretty much cook it on the BBQ.

You can do vegetables on the BBQ which can takes them to a whole new level.

Meats are the most popular thing to cook, from a good old lamb chop to a fancy steak.
You could even go the seafood route, like a famous Aussie once said

“chuck a shrimp on the barbie”
Funny thing is we don’t call them shrimp down under, we call them prawns.

You can combine the two and cook a surf ‘n’ turf, and that’s exactly what I did for my first guest blog post on .

But of course I had to put a Saba twist on it and gave it an Asian flavour.

If you made my Yakiniku Tare from my last post then you are already half way to making this dish.

Want to check out how I made it?

Press on the below link to  check out my full recipe and video at Lion Brand Rice



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