The Birth of Saba’s Happy Duck!


No Crying Tiger Here

Only a Happy Duck!


Let me tell you a story about a crying tiger who turned into a happy duck.

A few years back I went out to dinner and got a bit drunk.

Ok a lot drunk. That’s not the point!

Anywayz, during dinner I had one of my favorite dishes, Crying Tiger.

It was totally awesome.

This version used wagyu beef and had a salsa on it.

Not your average crying tiger that’s for sure.

The next morning,  when I was no longer drunk.

I got to thinking, why the hell do they call it crying tiger?

For the life of me I couldn’t work it out.

Then it struck me like a lighting bolt. Its cause the tiger had no spice in it life.

So I thought Duck it!!!

I’m going to make my own version with chili.

Lots of chili, and if crying is a must, it going to be tears of joy!

I didn’t have any wagyu lying around, who the duck does right ?

So I opted for duck breast instead.

I then raided the fridge for what herbs I had on hand, then proceeded to scrounger around in the pantry to see what other ingredients I could find  and the end result was this dish.

So that’s how a Crying Tiger became a Happy Duck 😊😊😊

Happy Duck


Now as this was way back in 2016 and I hadn’t started the blog yet. I wasn’t making  videos or writing recipes. As such I only took photos and made a slide show to post on my Instagram.

This is the link to the original post I did way back then.

Feel free to give me a like and follow whilst your there 🙂

Saba’s Instagram feed

So since then I have wrote a recipe which I’m still refining from this original, and I will be posting in an up coming post. So keep an eye out for that.

But this was how I made it that faithful morning.





That’s it peoples, the birth of Saba’s

Happy Duck!

Stay tuned for the recipe post coming up shorty.

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  1. Shed Knight Reply

    Brilliant, and Happy Duck ticks the boxes for me. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

  2. Shed Knight Reply

    Brilliant, and Happy Duck ticks the boxes for me. Can’t wait for the next instalment. Keep up the amazing creations.

  3. Carsten Goldenbaum Reply

    Looks so delicious, will give it a try… Look forward to the next post and keep them coming.