The Broken Lion!

 My Cơm Tấm Burger


So in this post today I’m not sharing a recipe with you. Sorry about that.  I just want to share with you one of my cooking stories. I hope it can inspire you to have fun and be creative in the kitchen.

Cooking is an essential part of life. We cook so we can we eat. We eat, so we can live. I guess it’s as simple as that.  So if we have to do it why not enjoy it?

Some of us are really good at it, and find it enjoyable. Some of us just hate it. But love or hate it, one time or another we will find ourselves in the kitchen when we really don’t want to be there.

For those that don’t know me, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I don’t like cooking, I really don’t.  I love cooking!!

For the most part I can’t wait to get into the kitchen.

But I’m just like most of you, I work a full time job. So after a long day’s work, cooking dinner can feel like a chore.

Lucky for me I only need to cook for one. Actually I tell a lie, I need to cook for one and a half  (the little fury four legged guy need to eat too)

So during the week days  I tend to cook meals that I will have left overs so the next day I won’t need to cook again.

Sometimes the left overs actually taste better the next day, say like a curry or something like that.

Now I hate wasting food, (I really do!) so I won’t throw anything away, but after multiple days of eating the same thing I can start to get over it.

It’s on those days that I start to get a bit creative and those are the days I have the most fun in the kitchen.

So the other day was one of those such days. I had been eating pork chop on broken rice for a few days straight.

For those who are not familiar with this dish it’s a very popular Vietnamese dish which in Vietnamese is called  “cơm tấm bì sườn chả trứng

So a marinated pork chop sườn is served on top a bed of broken rice cơm tấm accompanied by some shredded pork and pork skin with a slice of pork loaf  chả and then topped with a fried egg trứng !  It is usually served with some fresh slices of tomato and cucumber and of course a bowl of Vietnamese dipping sauce nước chấm.


As much as I love the dish after 3 days of eating it, I had had enough.

Now want to see how and why I turned it into a burger with cheese?

Which I named THE BROKEN LION burger.

Follow the below link over to my blog post on to see how I came up with the idea and made it.




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