Vietnamese Crispy Pork Spring Rolls Chả giò

Saba’s Crispy Springers!



In Australia we call these little bad boys Spring rolls.  I know in other parts of the world you may call them Egg rolls.  In Vietnam they are called  Chả giò.

But I call them Springers.

Either way, call them what you must.

One thing I’m certain we can all agree on.

Is that they are delicious!

Once you eat one, you just want another.

You would be hard press to find a Vietnamese family that didn’t have a Chả giò recipe.

Be it with pork, prawn, vegetarian or what not.

We all have one, and my family is none the different.

This recipe is from my mother’s side of the family and we will be using pork today.




1 Packet of spring roll wrappers

1 Egg

The Filling

500 grams Minced Pork

½ large onion chopped

(150 grams )

4 Cloves of garlic finely diced

 55 grams Thread bean noodles

(40 grams dry weight)

80 grams Wood ear mushroom finely chopped

(15  grams dry weight)

3 tsp fish sauce

2 tsp sugar

2 tsp freshly ground black pepper






Make the Springer filling

Step 1

Place the wood ear mushrooms in a small bowl

Cover with hot water and let stand to rehydrated

(about 10 minutes)

Once rehydrated drain and let cool.

Place the bean thread noodles in a small bowl

Cover with warm water and let stand to rehydrated

(about 10 minutes)

Once rehydrated drain and let cool

Step 2

Preparing the onion 

In this step we want to remove the liquid from the onion, this will help the spring rolls from bursting when they are being fried

Peel and roughly chop the onion

Place into a food processor and give a quick blitz

Empty the onions onto a clean muslin or cheese cloth

(If you don’t have muslin or cheese cloth you can use a clean tea towel)

Roll the cloth into a ball and squeeze all the liquid out

Discard the liquid

Step 3

Chop Chop 

Now that the mushrooms have cooled, cut them finely

 Then cut the noodles into 2.5 cm lengths

Peel and finely dice the garlic

Step 4


Place all the filling ingredients in a large bowl and mix well to combine

Cover with cling wrap and place in the fridge for 1 hour to marinate


Rolling the Springers

Crack the egg in a small bowl and roughly whisk

(this will be the glue to hold the rolls closed)

Now to wrap the spring rolls start by having one corner pointing at you

Place about a 1.5 Teaspoons of filling just above the corner and shape into a log

(Whatever shape and size you do will determine the final shape of your spring roll)

Fold the first corner over the filling and tightly tuck it back into the filling.

Give it one roll over

Fold the 2 outer corners in and roll again

Keep rolling and stop just before you get to the end corner

Dab your finger in the egg, then smear it on the end corner of the wrapper

finish off the rolling process


Cooking the Springers

Now deep fry at 180’C

Fry to golden brown and cooked through

About 7 minutes

For best results fry it in small batches as not to over crowed the pan




That’s it peoples you just made Saba’s Vietnamese Pork Springers!

How easy was that!

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Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

Ground Chilli Sauce



Vietnamese Spring Rolls Served with Fresh Herbs and Fish Dipping Sauce.

To serve you can wrap them it lettuce leaves with some mint and dunk them in some

 nước chấm

Cut them up and serve them with some vermicelli noodles or just eat them as they are.


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  1. Shed Knight Reply

    Wow, now that looks delicious and way more tasty than the ones I’ve been making. I really need to make these ones next, whether as a snack or main meal, it can really be either.

    • They are a good all rounder to have in your arsenal for sure!

  2. Daniel Reply

    That sauce must be delicious.

    • It sure is, there is a link to it in the post. You should have a crack at it to.